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Dattatreya Constuctions Pvt. Ltd. Works with a single minded focous of giving people homes that conform to their tastes and style. With an experience of over 20 years in the field of civil engineering and designing residential and commercial complexes, we know what it takes to give people a house they can call their home for the rest of their lives.



Our motive is to bring more transparency in the field of real estate; our purpose is to reach people’s need and give them a living space that is not just comfortable but memorable too; our aim is to keep in mind people’s beliefs when designing a house because beliefs play a vital role in our lifes.



It is our continuous endeavour to give you an experien That is delightful indeed _ whether it is staying in a home Or the prosess of owning one. Chace out our complited Projects and watch out for our upcoming projects.beacuse all them are designing keeping you in mind